Can We Spy On The Future - Julia Mossbridge, Ph.D

Julia Mossbridge
4 months agoSeptember 28, 2021
I pointed to the names of the viewers on this slide, but I was already thinking about the next slide and mistook the slides. I have not knowingly met with the viewers from Scanate, but I have met most of the framers/researchers who were important to this project and the project going forward.

I have met with many of the viewers listed on the next slide, however, and have used our discussions to further frame my research into remote viewing and precognition.
Julia Mossbridge
4 months agoOctober 5, 2021
Here where I talk about learning curve slopes -- there's a confusing disagreement between colloquial usage of "steep learning curve" and formal usage in learning theory. So here I am talking about the formal usage. A steep learning curve means you are improving very quickly over time.
Julia Mossbridge
4 months agoOctober 5, 2021
About belief in precognition influencing performance -- it is clear that good performance can occur amongst both believers and non-believers -- but what I don't mention here is that those who strongly believe in the phenomenon are often (always?) those who have had personal experience with the phenomenon. 

So it is likely that they are believers *because* of their skill. Further, belief does impact people's willingness to continue training on remote viewing -- very difficult to convince people who do not at least believe in the value of training (regardless of the intent of the training) to continue that training.
Believer of precognition
3 months agoOctober 16, 2021
i believe in precognition in the future and also in the past. Also  the way of visions ( don't understand the way of working. To see on distance and also training in crv.(not very long)  Different ways to make the contact in the future to get the information. But you can also asked: whats the next attack in a country and you will get also the answer in pictures , hearing,. Bij the way befor my illness many years ago I didn.t believe in stuff like this. It opend all my 6th sense. So , it is also possilbe to make contact with coma patients. You have to believe and trust your own mind. learning to use it on the way its working for you.
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